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Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history, Joel is a proven visionary leader.

Named "the most accurate man in weather" by The New York Times.

Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President and Chairman of AccuWeather, has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs book as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history. He is a proven visionary leader, founding the company in 1962 and successfully establishing AccuWeather as the largest and fastest growing weather media company in the world.

Dr. Myers is considered the nation’s most respected source on the business of meteorology, having been named “the most accurate man in weather” by The New York Times. He has frequently appeared on national programs such as ABC Nightly News, written articles that have appeared in leading publications including Scientific American and The Journal of Applied Meteorology, and has been quoted in Time, Inc., Businessweek, and thousands of other publications.

Dr. Myers is a sought out expert in international business and digital media. He has written and delivered hundreds of scientific papers and speeches over a range of subjects, including a recent TED Talk, and has been hailed for achievements in the U.S., Japan, and many other countries. He has been an invited lecturer at The New York Academy of Sciences and many scientific, leadership, and charitable organizations. Dr. Myers has also been an important force on the Penn State Board of Trustees for 33 years and continues to serve as an Emeritus Trustee, demonstrating his lifelong commitment to education, and was recently awarded Penn State’s highest honor, the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dr. Myers donates his time and resources and is committed to giving back, including a multi- million dollar gift to Penn State for The Joel N. Myers Weather Center, a state-of-the-art teaching facility. In addition, he supports many charitable causes. A successful, inspiring leader, Dr.Myers continues to champion global business growth at AccuWeather while helping others.

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