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Joel Myers, Founder and President of AccuWeather, Inc., has dedicated his life to Penn State as a student, educator, philanthropist, and active member of the Board of Trustees. He is a global champion of Penn State.

Penn State is setting new standards in higher education that everyone in the Penn State community can take great pride in.
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Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history, Joel is a proven leader and sought out expert in international business and new media (more...)


Penn State meteorology students will receive a world-class education at The Joel N. Myers Weather Center thanks to Joel's philanthropic support (more...)

Penn State invited Joel to participate in the Forum Speaker Series this October. Here, Joel provides his perspective on the digital revolution and its growing impact on higher education.

Joel Myers, Guest Speaker at Penn State Forum Speaker Series "The Digital Revolution: Transforming Higher Education" October 25, 2013


2.19.14 Joel Myers announces his candidacy for election to the Penn State Board of Trustees... read more
2.19.14 Open Letter to Penn State Alumni
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